PE Activities

Tag, Hide and go seek.  Physical Education Activities at home.  
If the weather is not cooperating, some of the games listed above can be played in a basement, garage, or in a play room.

Additional Activities:

Boiler Burst - Make up an interesting story so all the people with you will listen.  At some point say Boiler Burst, all the players need to get away from you.  You'll tag whoever you can and the person tagged has to continue the story or make up a new one.

Duck Duck Goose - Form a circle sitting on the floor, one student is selected to be the duck and walks around the circle tapping each child lightly on the head saying duck.  When the child person going around the circle wants to have a student chase him, the student will tag and say goose.  If the student gets all around the circle without getting tagged, he continues and will sit in the spot the other child came out of.
You can have more the one duck going around at any time.

More to come!

Thanks and enjoy & play safe

Mr. Hook
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