4th Grade Endangered Animals

Open a Google Doc or Slide. Entitle the Google Doc/Slide with your last name and your animal.

Example: Vicari-Hippopotamus

Share the Google Doc/Slide with me (bvicari@spboe.org).

Find the answers to each question. If you make a Google Slide, there should be at least 5 slides.

  1. Describe your animal. Is it a fish, a mammal, a bird, or a reptile? What kind of habitat does it live in? What does it eat?  Write this information in note form! (bullet points, no complete sentences) Example:
    • Hippopotamus
      • Mammal
      • Lives in rivers, lakes, and mangrove swamps, but can’t swim well, though
      • Lives in sub-Saharan Africa
      • Herbivore: eats grass
  2. Why is your animal endangered? (at least 2 sentences)
  3. Are there any efforts to save your animal? Is your animal in a lot of zoos? How does your animal do in the wild? (at least 4 sentences)
  4. Is there anything that you or others can do to help save your animal? (at least 2 sentences)
  5. Where did you find your information? Find at least 1 book in the library that has at least 1 page on your animal. Find at least 1 reliable website (not Wikipedia!). Use the handout to cite your sources properly.
Find at least 2 pictures of your animal.
This is due (completed!) by the beginning of Library in the first week of June.
Mrs. Severino's class is due June 1.
Mrs. Downey's class is due June 2. 
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