Current and Past Meeting Minutes

PTSO Meeting Minutes from November 17, 2016

Meeting Start Time: 7:12 pm

Attendance: Jane Gomez, Leyna Lillia, Tamara Winsmann, Kimberly Lesky, Sandy Cortese, Kristen Busch, Kristen Valluzzi, Susan Paterson, Danielle Saunton, Jenna Diaz, Carrie Rinaldi, Kristen DeRoma

Topics Discussed:

Treasurers Report: Jenna Diaz

Report as of 11/1/16

Checking: $23,309.38

Savings: $7,274.28

Raffle: $17,486.91

Total $48,070.57

Pretzel Sale - (Jenna & Kristen B.) – Profit $141.00. (Kim) we will be doing pre-order for December – March and possibly sell during Holiday Concert.

Picture Day & Make-up – (Jane) make-ups are complete (Jane & Kim) Lifetouch will be working on having the same pricing between schools. There was a bit of a price difference between elementary schools.

School Store – (Kim) that will be held on Monday 11/21

Spirit Wear - (Jenna) Profit is not complete however we have between 60-65 closing orders. The orders have been placed and should be in before Thanksgiving. Orders will be sent home with the children.

Super Hero Anti Bully Assembly – (Jenna) Event went well. However, it should have been broken down per age group. Some of the items discussed were too advanced for the younger kinds. We will continue to work with other schools to get the best pricing on assemblies and we are looking to lock a date for the traveling science assembly for June.

Trunk/Treat - (Kim) We will need to revisit the profit in December. For next year we need to make sure we have more candy. Also cut back on the length of the event and possibly keep it all outside. We should cut out the DJ or have the DJ outside. Possibly a better registration table – lists broken down by grade and then in alphabetical order. Most importantly more help is needed so that it can be enjoyed by all.

Teachers Ideas – (Kim) will speak with Mr. H to go over what events we will be eliminating or the name changes. Once that has been discussed it will be shared with the Chairs of each event.

Family Fall Night – (Jenna) Profit $1040.81 $340 of that amount was 50/50 profit. The event went well and was liked by all.

Current Business:

Box Tops – (Jenna) Profit $411 for the period of Sept & October. Mrs. Downey’s class won an ice-cream party for the 1st trimester.

Paint Night - (Kristen V.) event is 11/18 and we need to sell 12 more tickets or we will need to pay for them out of the PTSO pocket. We had low attendance due to other sport clubs having events on the same evening.

Parent Drop Off - (Carrie) This is still in the works and will be reviewed with Mr. H. Carrie will be the chair of the event and she has a number of parents available to help. She would like to do the event on or around 100 day of school and do a pajama & movie event. There will be a min of 100-105 kids depending on the parent/child ratio required by law. Teachers can sign up to help and those hours can be used towards their teacher evaluation. Depending on the number of kids they can break up the evening based on age groups. Pre-school kids will be included.

Gertrude Hawk Fundraiser – (Kim) all orders are due 11/21 and the delivery date is 12/12. Profit will be discussed in December.

Artwork Fundraiser – Due to scheduling this will be pushed to on or around valentine’s day.

Looking Forward:

Mother/Daughter Dance: (Jane) – this will be discussed with Mr. H as the name may change. Date is most likely be in January.

Holiday Concert – (Jane) concert is 12/16. There was an idea of selling smencils (pencils that smell like food) to family members to give out to the kids the day of the concert. This will be reviewed with Mr. H.

Open Discussion:

Holiday Boutique Crafting Dates: - (Kim) Crafting will be done in the gym on 11/28 & 29th from 6-8pm. Holiday Boutique is scheduled during school on 12/6 & 7. Help is needed to put gifts together.

Other Fundraising Ideas: (Kristen B.) Krispy Cream Doughnuts & 5Beow

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PTSO Meeting on October 20, 2016

Attendance: Kimberly Lesky, Jane Gomez, Jenna Diaz, Linda Downey, Kristen Busch, Liz Gray, Carrie Rinaldi, Kevin Hajduk, Kristen Valuzzi, Kim Haspel, Kristen DePalma, Susan Paterson, Leyna Lillia, Carrie Russoniello

Topics Discussed:

Treasurer Report - Jenna Diaz

Report as of October 1, 2016

Checking: $20,531.60

Savings: $7,273.36

Raffle: $17,446.91

Total: $45,251.87

Kid Stuff Books (Jane Gomez) - Sold 110 books. There are still a few students that have not handed in their books.

Book Fair (Jane Gomez) - Sold $4,360 (approximately) - get back ½ in Scholastic Dollars -$2,180.00 - more profit than last year at this time.

Back To School Night (Kim Lesky) - Stations were successful (PTSO membership, spirit wear, etc.) fundraiser (Jane Gomez) - $128.61 profit (ongoing throughout school year) - people bought $815 in gift cards for teachers

Family Fall Night (Kim Lesky) - No Financials at this time. Touch base on financials in November.

Current Business - PTSO membership - Only 35 family memberships and 14 Teacher memberships (w/out kids) - revisit cost of membership for next year.

Pretzel Profit - September $128

October - $153

November (and possibly winter months) will be pre-order sale and delivered by the end of the school day


Pretzel sale for November will be on the 4th.

Mum sale - sold 133 plants and profit was $199.80

Pumpkin Sale - Sold $486 worth of pumpkins - pumpkins that were not sold were donated to a pediatric cancer center.

Picture Day - Lifetouch - Retakes for staff and students are on November 15th

School Store - Amount to $450.64 - Profit was $250.00

Carnival Day is going to take place of picnics. Looking to do this at the end of May or beginning of June.

Spirit Wear - deadline 10/21/16

(ordering from AKA)

Box Tops - $154 from last year

Super Hero Anti-Bullying Assembly - 10/27/16 - Stone Hands is the name of the super hero coming for the assembly - Students wear Super Hero Shirts - Needs phone books if anyone has them

Next Assembly - Traveling Science - Hopefully in January (Franklin Institute)

Trunk or Treat - 10/28 (Liz Gray) - All that’s left food, baking, cupcake decorating, ornaments - needs volunteers to help out for that night and candy!

  • Costume judging car
  • Face painting car
  • Tattoo car/station
  • 400 goody bags
  • Baking basket, kitchen basket, scholastic basket for raffles
  • Received $500 worth of gift cards for costume winners
  • Need hall monitors
  • Have ten games/activities

Will have another separate meeting on Friday 10/21 to discuss Trunk or Treat.

Halloween Parade - 10/31

Looking to do gender specific activities for girls/boys - not calling them Mother/Son Dance or Father/Daughter Dance

  • Girls Night Out/Sweetheart Dance
  • Events outside the school (bowling, Skyzone)

Movie Night in December/February??? - Would possibly be a drop off event for parents.

Holiday Boutique - still needs a few crafters

Paint Night - November 18th

Possibly get rid of Casino Night and do a Wine Tasting Night

Next meeting is scheduled for November 17th at 7:00 p.m.

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